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Bespoke and exclusive IT Support for you and your business.  Perth IT provides IT Support when you need it, effectively and promptly. 

we are your it department

We aim to provide the best IT support services for you and your business.  

We will learn what IT services you require, then give you affordable options, commission the best solution and provide you with effective IT support.

Contact us today to allow us to be your IT Department.


To be the most repected and client focused IT support companies within Western Australia.

We value our clients feedback and will always use it to help us and our staff provide the best service we can.

Staff Focused

We understand your staff get fustrated thats why we are here to solve their IT problems for you.

Fast call outs

Our clients have told us that nothing is worse than being offline and not being able to get hold of their IT Support We offer a 1 Hour Call out time.

Network Mapping

Most businesses just keep adding on parts to their network without recreating it properly to make it faster and work more streamlined – Thats what we are here for.

Training & Support

We often like to help train our clients up on how they can solve simple IT issues themselves without them feeling hopeless waiting for IT to call back.

Receive Advice That Matters!

FREE BONUS: A cheat sheet on how Office 365 can work for you!