Free IT Audit

We will pinpoint any issues or vulnerabilities within your system and provide you with a free written audit – in English.

When was the last time you checked your I.T. systems performance for any vulnerabilities? Have you noticed your system running slowly? Do you have a tested and proven disaster recovery plan?

We understand that when running a business your systems health may be the last thing on your mind. But just like you own health your I.T. system needs regular check-ups too.

Lending us temporary access, we can pin point any potential vulnerabilities or insufficiencies in your system; giving you the option to repair them before they become a headache, not after. At the end of the Audit, we will provide you a complete written report; stating both the strengths and weaknesses of your I.T. system, along with any other recommendations to possibly improve your overall business productivity and utility.

Our goal is to provide Exceptional Service to our clients; our complimentary health check is our way of introducing Perth IT to your company.  We will meet you and your staff in your office, access your systems and provide you with a written report that you can understand.